Friday, April 30, 2010

Weekly Weigh-in

This has been a pretty great week overall. After reading The Ultimate PCOS Handbook: Lose Weight, Boost Fertility, Clear Skin and Restore Self-Esteem I started feeling better about how to deal with my weight gain and other health issues in a natural way, without hated medications, surgeries, etc.

This week my boyfriend put us on a mostly raw fruit and vegetable diet with only eggs and fish being allowed. This was to not only help with my weight loss goals, but also my digestion issues.

Wow! Look at that! That's my new lowest weight achieved since this year started. I am so excited! This puts me at a total weight loss from the beginning of the year of 9.2 pounds! I am so close to that ten pound goal I can taste it! Last week's weigh-in was 161.7, so that's a loss of 2.9 pounds for the week. Amazing!

I actually took the time to weigh myself every day this week to see how things were going, and almost every day (with the exception of one) resulted in at least a minor loss from the day before. Here is how it looked:

Mon:  160.2
Tues:  159.8
Wed:  159.2
Thur:  160.0 (the only up day)
Fri:     158.8

How great is that? And this was all done strictly through diet. I haven't changed my exercise situation at all yet. But that of course is the next step now that I am feeling super motivated again!

Curious what I ate? Here is a sample:



Vanessa said...

aw, good for you sweetpea!
glad to hear you are getting results from eating less, but also haven't incorporated a great deal of move around more. I found it easy to alter what I eat but it's been much harder to motivate myself to get off my arse ;)
I haven't been weighing myself, but I certainly feel healthier with the diet changes. I hope to get out for a nice walk with hubby later today.
keep up the great work!

Angel said...

Awesome Job! Thanks for sharing! I loved that you took pictures! That rocks! Keep up the great work!

Patrick said...

Nice - If I read all the numbers right it appears you are closing in on ten pounds lost since your start. Gotta like that! Like the food pics too, look delicious and healthy.

Way to go!

Gwenny said...

Thanks guys! That post felt so good to write.

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