Monday, April 5, 2010


That's how I have felt lately. First off I have been working very hard to finish my English class this past week. I had my final exam last Saturday, and one final essay that had to be handed in this week (and I just finished it last night). Can I say how much I hate essays? Especially on novels I didn't enjoy? /cough "The Stone Angel /cough...

I'm back up again, but only .5 pounds, so I'm not going to beat myself up over it. I have been very happy with my food choices lately. Of course mostly it's because I have been feeling so cruddy I've really only wanted to eat simple things like raw fruits and vegetables. Smoothies have been a lifesaver! I am so glad I have a really great blender and a freezer full of frozen fruit (thanks to a really awesome sale on Europe's Best Frozen Fruit at Metro this week!)

I have been having a lot of digestion issues again, which is probably why I am enjoying the smoothies and raw food so much. So much easier to digest! I am feeling bloated and cranky and just plain yucky. I am going to see my doctor soon to check on things and make sure we are still pretty good. She also wants to give me a "thumbs up" before I start my new exercise program. I guess that's cool. I really wanted to start by now, but she will yell at me if I do. (She's a really great doctor...I adore her to pieces.)

So yeah...that's me in a nutshell this week. I am down to having only one course active (Taxation) which is MUCH better for my stress levels. Trying to do two and sometimes three at a time is just insane. Maybe by only having one on the go it will actually make me more productive on that one course.. We shall see...

Let's hope I get the all clear and can get back to normal next week! It will be great to Blog my progress under my new workout program!


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