Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wednesday Weigh-in

I'm up again, 0.9 pounds to be exact...but that's OK. It's OK for a few reasons, I'm not going to share them all, but here are a few:

a) My digestive system is completely nuts right now. I feel bloated and huge and tired and cranky. Thankfully I am going to see the doctor tomorrow so I can be assessed to see how we can rectify this again.

b) I haven't exercised much except for doing some extra walking to make my Gruve happy. Which as you saw in the last post has been sabotaged repeatedly by my need to complete schoolwork. But I hope that on top of talking to my doctor about digestive issues tomorrow I will also be able to get my clearance to start ChaLEAN. I know I could do some other things...but I want to do this SO BAD I have been kind of de-motivated to try anything else.

I still have been pretty good with food (except last night - it was Red Lobster - enough said). Mostly I have been binging on raw fruit, veggies and smoothies. Tonight we are having eggs and fruit, a favourite of mine.

So let's hope for a good checkup tomorrow and a clearance to start the new workout program.



Vanessa said...

mmmm, eggs are good. I just got a veggie steamer and had brussels sprouts, two boiled eggs and a couple pieces of whole wheat toast for dinner last night. I need to do more with the veggies than just steam 'em and throw salt over them though :|
Mind you, all this healthy eating is great but I still need to move around more...

Gwenny said...

Veggie steamers are awesome. We always have at least two in the house. Can't live without steamed broccoli and asparagus at least once a week. Spinach is nice too...and beans...etc.

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