Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year, New Hope, Take 2

Well! Another year has come and gone. I haven't updated since my post after the last New Year check in. That's honestly because 2016 has been horrid and I really didn't want to give it too much added attention.

Let's hope things change this year!

A brief update from 2016:
  • The Visanne continued to work, for the most part, for several months.
  • The headaches eventually went away,
  • Around March the pain started getting unbearable again.
  • Tax season was very hard on me between my pain levels, trying to work, and dealing with my boss.
  • By the end of May I couldn't take it any longer.
  • June 1st my boss and I agreed for me to go on sick leave until after surgery and recovery.
  • Original surgery was scheduled for June 21st but was delayed to July 12th due to operating room scheduling issues.
  • July 12th surgery was completed. It was a long surgery, but the Dr. Grace Lui was confident. Uterus was removed to cure adenomyosis and endometriosis was found and excised. Bladder was connected to uterus and was detached. A great deal of scar tissue and adhesions were found and removed.
  • I took the full 8 weeks to recover. It was a long process, but I didn't want to do anything to risk recovery.
  • Upon attempting to return to work my boss tried to lay me off.
  • After discussions with a layer and my boss I was able to return to work,
  • Due to the instability of my job (that I had worked at for 10 years) I began searching for a new job.
  • On November 15th finally had a new roof put on our house and garage.
  • On November 22nd I accepted a new job that I believe will be much more suitable and satisfying.
  • On November 23rd I gave my boss 1 month's notice.
  • On December 5th my Callistos was diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy. Heartbroken.
  • On December 7th our furnace died.
  • On December 8th we had to have a brand new furnace installed.
  • On December 23rd I worked my last day. We had lunch at the CN tower as part of our Christmas / Farewell lunch.
So yeah! Fun year! /sarcasm

Some goals for 2017:
  • Pour myself into my new job.
  • Refocus on my education now that I have a job where I can actually use it.
  • Refocus on my health and weight now that I don't have this chronic illness wearing me down.
  • Refocus on cleaning and decluttering the home now that my illness is not dictating how to prioritize my life.
  • By less new yarn and use more stash yarn.
  • Complete more WIPs instead of starting new projects.
  • More detailed crafting goals will be on the craft blog.
  • Update the blogs more!
Let's have a great 2017 everyone!
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