Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year, New Hope, Take 2

Well! Another year has come and gone. I haven't updated since my post after the last New Year check-in. That's honestly because 2016 has been horrid and I really didn't want to give it too much-added attention.

Let's hope things change this year!

A brief update from 2016:
  • The Visanne continued to work, for the most part, for several months.
  • The headaches eventually went away,
  • Around March the pain started getting unbearable again.
  • Tax season was very hard on me between my pain levels, trying to work, and dealing with my boss.
  • By the end of May, I couldn't take it any longer.
  • June 1st my boss and I agreed for me to go on sick leave until after surgery and recovery.
  • Original surgery was scheduled for June 21st but was delayed to July 12th due to operating room scheduling issues.
  • July 12th surgery was completed. It was a long surgery, but the Dr. Grace Lui was confident. The uterus was removed to cure adenomyosis and endometriosis was found and excised. The bladder was connected to the uterus and was detached. A great deal of scar tissue and adhesions were found and removed.
  • I took the full 8 weeks to recover. It was a long process, but I didn't want to do anything to risk recovery.
  • Upon attempting to return to work my boss tried to lay me off.
  • After discussions with a lawyer and my boss, I was able to return to work,
  • Due to the instability of my job (that I had worked at for 10 years) I began searching for a new job.
  • On November 15th finally had a new roof put on our house and garage.
  • On November 22nd I accepted a new job that I believe will be much more suitable and satisfying.
  • On November 23rd I gave my boss 1 month's notice.
  • On December 5th my Callistos was diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy. Heartbroken.
  • On December 7th our furnace died.
  • On December 8th we had to have a brand new furnace installed.
  • On December 23rd I worked my last day. We had lunch at the CN tower as part of our Christmas / Farewell lunch.
So yeah! Fun year! /sarcasm

Some goals for 2017:
  • Pour myself into my new job.
  • Refocus on my education now that I have a job where I can actually use it.
  • Refocus on my health and weight now that I don't have this chronic illness wearing me down.
  • Refocus on cleaning and decluttering the home now that my illness is not dictating how to prioritize my life.
  • By less new yarn and use more stash yarn.
  • Complete more WIPs instead of starting new projects.
  • More detailed crafting goals will be on the craft blog.
  • Update the blogs more!
Let's have a great 2017 everyone!


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