Sunday, August 22, 2010

Summer15 Update

What a great weekend I had! For once (in a long time) I felt like I was productive! I didn't accomplish everything I wanted, but I did accomplish more than I usually have lately.

First off, I'm down another 0.7 pounds! How is that for awesome?

That's right...that's me! 10 pounds lost from January 1st, 0.7 pounds lost from last week, and 4.6 pounds lost since the start of Summer15. Pretty sweet. I'm not sure if I'll make the 15 pound goal for Summer15, but I am super happy with what I have accomplished to date.

I am still struggling with the diet aspect quite a bit. There are so many things I am not supposed to eat, and I am having a really hard time sticking to it. But I do feel like I have tried to wean out as much as possible, when possible. I have picked up some books to hopefully help out with these issues, including The PCOS Diet Cookbook. I am eating the tomato and onion salad right now while I am typing this up!

I started a new course at school. I am forcing myself to stay focused and remain on schedule. I highlighted each portion a different colour and wrote the date beside it that it should be finished. The course "technically" starts September 1st. I managed to complete the whole first lesson this weekend. Lesson one didn't have to be done until September 14th so I am already about 23 days ahead of schedule. Booyeah!

I thank the carnelian bracelet. Michael and I stopped in at the Fifth Wheel in Bowmanville for breakfast on the way to pick of my son from his grandmother's trailer. I ran into the variety shop there to pick up a Birthday card for my mother. I saw these little gem bracelets and immediately became intrigued by the carnelian one because it said it helped with creativity, concentration, energy and motivation. Yup! Sounds like things I could use!

I know it most likely isn't really the bracelet, but every time I look at it I am reminded to do what I must maybe it does work!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Summer15 Update

I am sooooo close to being the lightest I have been in a long time. I am .2 pounds off my previous lightest weight of 158.5. I know I can do this!

So this puts me 9.3 pounds since January 1st, 3.9 pounds down since the start of Summer15 and 0.9 pounds down form last week. Rocking!

Some of the food choice changes I have been making are obviously working very well, as much as I grumble about them. I haven't done much exercise, and I have made some poor food choices this week, but overall I think I did really really good, and I guess it shows!

I have really started enjoying preparing some healthier meals ahead of time for work. My favourites are the breakfast grains from The Biggest Loser Simple Swaps: 100 Easy Changes to Start Living a Healthier Lifestyle and the Tabbouleh from The Low GI Handbook: The New Glucose Revolution Guide to the Long-Term Health Benefits of Low GI Eating (New Glucose Revolutions).

After having a week off from exercise due to illness I went super hardcore when I went back to the gym Tuesday (after having a long holiday weekend). I went a little too hard...not only did I raise my heart rate over the point where the treadmill could read it (it screamed at me 199%+) but I also damaged my knee. I should have known better. I really wrecked it back when I was 16 and doing parades with my Drum Corps. I was told since I refused surgery that it would always be sensitive and I would have to take care of it. And here I go jogging out super hard on a treadmill with about 50-60 extra pounds on me from when I originally hurt it (I was maybe a good 90 pounds soaking wet back when I was that age).

So yeah...duh...and hence the no further workouts for that week. I was in agony just walking up some stairs to get to work. Ugh.

I also sucked out at my goals. I had only 3 goals this weekend, and I didn't complete even one. But on the other side I did spend quite a few hours shopping with the other half to help him put together some nice new ensembles for work (more updates on that soon, just waiting for the official news). I'm telling you, men complain about shopping with women...but shopping with a picky man is no picnic either!

I also had a nice conversation with the other half about my education and am pleased he agreed to let me go back to taking two courses at once since I really only raid once a night now. There were of course some specifications:

1) No more costly extensions.
2) Course must be staggered so as not to have their finals close to one another.
3) Only one of the course may have both a final and a midtem, the complimentary course must be all assignments or assignments with a final only (so as to avoid overlapping of exams).

I am quite happy with this. I will be signing up for my next course (Computers and Management Information Systems) on Wednesday. It is an assignment only course. I can't wait! This will give me some brain breaks from the hideous Taxation course (which has to be completed my November - ugh).

Monday, August 2, 2010

Summer15 Week Six

Well that sort of worked out better. Odd considering the week I have had, but I'll take it as it comes.

Last week if you remember I posted I weighed in at 162.4. I am down 2.8 pounds!

I didn't go to the gym at all this week! This is so weird. I always seem to lose weight when I DON'T go to the gym? Is it just a coincidence?

My food choices were not always the greatest either. My son was out of town for the week and this left me the option of eating crappy dinners (which I did most nights). But I was really really good with my lunches, following the food list as best as possible. So maybe that is what helped.

Hopefully this week I can add in better dinners too. The other half wants to start improving his diet as well, so hopefully with us both feeling the urge to be better we can encourage one another.

I have started reading The Low GI Handbook: The New Glucose Revolution Guide to the Long-Term Health Benefits of Low GI Eating (New Glucose Revolutions) and it has some really great low GI recipes included, together with full weekly diet plans. This week alone I have already tried 2 of the recipes. I especially enjoyed the tabbouleh (pics to follow soon).

I am still interested to learn what everyone else does to stay on track with eating and avoid all the yummy temptations out there. So don't be shy! Leave a comment and let me know, because I am still having way too many weak craving moments.
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