Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Take A Picture Tuesday!

I see so many bloggers do different versions of this...most commonly Wordless Wednesday. They always seem to be beautiful, tranquil, stunning pictures. Well...I'm no photographer, and I lead far from a tranquil my picture taking sessions will be simply titled as noted above. I hope you enjoy them! (Please note most of these pics will be taken with my Blackberry, and therefore not the best quality.)

I went to see my favourite band (Our Lady Peace) at Massey Hall. I was sick, but it was still a blast!

One of our favourite dinners to enjoy is actually breakfast. Eggs and fresh fruit. Yummm!

Where I was forced to spend my Sunday because our 23 year old Maytag dryer had finally died, and our brand new Samsung dryer had not been delivered yet (as promised).

The rest of these pictures are pure puppy goodness. Here are the reasons I have so much trouble concentrating on schoolwork (specifically essays). This is Callie (Callistos). You can barely see her brother's toes at the bottom of the picture. He has her favourite pink ball (which is annoyingly squeaky). She is about to pounce him to get it back. This is all happening in front of my chair and portable desk, where I am "trying" to write an essay.

This is Rogue, the brother. He is pissed that Callie got the ball back and is planning his revenge. He is leaning right against my legs. Note the notepad in the corner I am trying to write on...

Callie is actually chewing the squeaky ball (very loudly) under the couch where Rogue can't steal it. He doesn't look impressed.

This is how I like them the best...sleeping...finally...but of course now it's my bedtime as well.../groans...


MargieAnne said...

Hi. I saw your name on HYC so popped over to see how you are.

I do hope your Dr. gives you the go-ahead. It's great to have a Dr. you are happy with.

Gwenny said...

Thanks Margie. I hope so too! Thanks for stopping by!

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