Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Resolutions for 2010

I, like most people, made some New Year's resolutions for 2010. We actually made it a family event as the three of us sat around waiting for the clock to strike twelve. The goal was to come up with at least five good, solid, achievable goals.

I was the most impressed by my son, Darien, who made almost ten really good goals. He usually hates this exercise and writes down the silliest things he can come up with. This year he made clear goals such as not getting lines for the year (one of his most hated punishments for wrong doings such as lying), raising his grades in math and French, and being more responsible and spending time with his new pet guinea pig.

(Not the actual guinea pig.)

I made some goals I was really proud of as well. I made more than fifteen. I think one of the goals I was most proud of was to monitor my book spending and not to exceed a certain annual budget. For those who know me well, this will be VERY hard for me!

Of course I also resolved to lose at least 10 pounds this year and eat healthier. I didn't mention any specific diets or exercise programs because I change my mind often and I didn't want to set myself up for failure.

The plan was to start January 1st, but alas I had a shoulder injury the would not allow me to workout and the I suffered a case of nasty food poisoning. Now that everything seems back on track (for now) I am hoping to start tonight with my Biggest Loser profile creation. Let's hope for more Blogs soon! (That was another resolution by the way, to Blog AT LEAST twice a month...let's see how that goes!)

Some other goals I set were:
- read at least 50 books over the year
- complete at least three courses through university this year
- fit at least one "family" or "mommy and boy" night in each week
- have some specific renovations made to the house
- continue at ROTC, at least for one complete season
- one coffee per day

I have currently put myself on a partial fruit cleanse to help my digestive system and weight loss. Due to my already low protein levels, I was advised it was best to still continue to eat small portions of protein to keep myself a little more balanced. I started yesterday and I am enjoying all the fruit I get to eat. I am sure I will get sick of it eventually though. And of course I couldn't give up the coffee...but at least I cut back to only one coffee a day (first thing in the morning) and it is now only a large instead of an extra large.

How about you? Did you make resolutions this year? Which ones are you really eager to achieve?

Well, that's it for now! Let's hope I get back on here more often! Maybe I'll have some Biggest Loser for the Wii updates soon!


Vanessa said...

I want to see a picture of the actual guinea pig! lol.

I really only have one goal/resolution this year and that's to spend less time burning a silhouette of my head into the office wall behind my desk because of radiation from my monitor being blocked by my face. I don't want my hubby to merit the title "WoW Widower" either :D
An added bonus of this goal/resolution is that we'll probably be more active if I come out from behind the keyboard because I can't abide most television programming (/facepalm) so that may keep us off the couch.

Question re. books. Do you buy new or used? There're few things I like better than browsing my local used book stores for musty smelling classic sci-fi. This tends to point me in the direction of mis-matched editions but if I really feel I need consistency I can then turn to Ebay or Amazon. I picked up Dune, and Dune Messiah from a bookstore here in London and then when I realized I needed Children of Dune to finish off the set, I went on Ebay and found a 1976 Berkley Medallion edition so my bookshelves are all pretty and match. I think I may have paid about $15 for the entire set including shipping and handling. That sure beats the $8.99 sale price of the current edition of Frank Herbert's Dune on the Chapters site at the moment. Have you got a Kindle yet? (and if you do, please get a big ol' Don't Panic sticker to put on it) That would definitely help save the $... or you could even download ebooks into your netbook. Nothing beats turning an actual page or not being bound to Amazon though, which is why I have yet to succumb.

I recently downloaded the entirety of the X-men comics from 001 - current and am reading them on my laptop via .cbr files. I miss the musty newsprint smell!

I'm sorry to hear about your physical setbacks lady! Glad you're feeling better and 2010 is looking up. Looking forward to more bloggy goodness to come :)

Gwenny said...

Aww V you are a dear!

As for's almost always new. I have this weird issue with having books other people have read, handled, etc. I watch some people reading on the subway, and it disgusts me. I hate when I even have to use a library book for research...but yeah...that's me.

I also like the real book feel. I have thought about the eBook readers, but when looking at the pricing for the books I like to read, sometimes there is not really that much of a difference. I would rather spend the money and hold the book in my hands, and feel good about supporting the author I love to read.

I have tried reading on a computer screen, and when you do it all day at work I really don't want to do it in my leisure time as well (unless it's WoW related of course).

mary @ designer of me said...

Hi there Gwenny!
I love your family event!! It makes goal-setting all the more meaningful!! What a great exercise to go together :D
Cheering you on on your goals for this year!!

Gwenny said...

Thanks Mary!

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