Tuesday, April 7, 2015


On Monday, March 30th, 2015, I felt my world start to crumble around me a little more.

After going through multiple different tests, and seeing multiple doctors and specialists, a new, tentative diagnosis was proclaimed.

My current specialist, who also happens to be a fertility specialist, diagnosed me with endometriosis based on medical history and current symptoms. Although it hasn't been confirmed by laparoscopy, she believes it is the most likely culprit of all my years of pain and suffering. In a way I guess it makes sense, but I also tried to find ways to fight against the diagnosis.

Why had it not been seen in any of my previous surgeries in 2010? Apparently it can be missed...especially if you only have a small patch that is bothering you. But it can spread, which is why it might be worse now.

I am still holding on to the hope that they are wrong. That once they do this MRI I am waiting for that they will find something else. Something they can fix. Endometriosis can't really be fixed. There is no cure. There are treatments, but they are not fun.

Take for example my current treatment plan.

I am currently on monthly Lupron injections to reduce the amount of estrogen my body produces since that is what angers the endometriosis tissue in my body. This basically places me in a chemically induced menopause. Nice right? I get add back hormone therapy with Estrace and Mirconor to help combat the nasty side effects like hot flashes, mood swings and bone density loss.

It takes 2-3 weeks for the good effects to kick in, but oh have I already been introduced to the bad side effects!

I am having trouble sleeping...a lot of trouble sleeping. I am hot, cranky, and of course I am just thinking about all sorts of non-wonderful things so that doesn't help either. Add to that this weird burning achy pain I am having in my upper right leg and the hot flashes and you can kind of imagine maybe what it is like. Last night I tired having some Sweet Dreams tea together with an Advil to relieve the leg pain a bit before bed. It worked a little. I was able to fall asleep at least, but I did keep waking up intermittently throughout the night.

I have also noticed the mood swings. I snap much more easily now, which is never good. And of course, the pain hasn't changed yet because it's only been a week. I am trying to be strong and give it a chance, but I am really miserable right now. It's very hard to focus at work, and of course this is our busy season.

Hopefully I get an appointment for my MRI soon and they either find something that they can treat, or at least the endometriosis shows up enough to make them want to go in and excise this. Because this right now is insanity...


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