Monday, May 6, 2013

30 Day Paleo Transformation

So today is the day I have been waiting for.

I have felt myself getting sicker and sicker, letting the PCOS take over my body, eating crap and treating it poorly  and not eve really caring.

Part of it was due to a very busy tax season this year. I was giver more work than I am typically given (which I loved by the way) and therefore had to work longer hours most days, which also led to me driving to and from work everyday.

I survived primarily on coffee, fast food and munchies.

It wasn't good...

By the end of April I was begging for a change. I felt horrible, I had no energy, and all the previous weight loss I had achieved was now gone...

My husband and I agree it was time for a reset, a 30 day transformation process, similar to the one Robb Wolf created, where we clean out the body and start from scratch again. We had done this before and it has worked very well.

The first week is the killer...

Sunday we woke up, bought our last cups of coffee (at least for 30 days) weighed ourselves, took some measurements, and made a food plan and shopping list.

I knew my biggest challenges were going to be breakfasts and lunches. I can get pretty lazy and not want to make anything the night before or morning of, so I specifically looked for things I could make in advance and just take with me.

After our shopping trip I set about preparing as much for the week ahead of time as I could.

Strawberries and Blueberries

Egg Muffins

Breakfast, Day 1

My sister (who lives in my basement currently) was a huge help. I also prepared some tuna salad for lunch which my sister chopped up some cucumber and bell peppers for snacking.

Lunch, Day 1

So let's do this thing! Let's eat healthy! Let's feel healthy! Let's BE healthy!


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