Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Everything Gwenny

Hello out there! Is anyone still reading this pretty much dead blog? I have been so busy over on my review site blog I almost forgot about this little corner of the web I owned.

OK, that's not entirely true...I knew it was still here...sitting...waiting...gathering dust and wondering why I had deserted it in it's hour of need...but I know why...let's be honest's because I targeted this blog mostly at my personal health, diet and weight issues, and I wasn't seeing any progress...I was embarrassed ..I didn't want to come here anymore...

But here's the thing I just realized. I called this blog EVERYTHING Gwenny for a reason. It is supposed to incorporate ALL aspects of my life, not just the healthy/fit ones.

So that's what I am going to do. I am going to redirect this blog at ALL parts of my life, and if a healthy, diet, weight related post makes it in here and there, so be it...if be it as well...

So what kind of posts can you look forward to now?

  • school
  • work
  • crocheting
  • knitting
  • motherhood
  • ASD (Asperger's)
  • writing (maybe)
  • relationships
  • family
If you are interested in anything to do with reading and reviews feel free to visit my review blog, Rants~N~Scribbles.

So where to start? Let's start with crocheting! I have been doing a lot of crocheting and knitting lately!

One of the main projects I am working on right now is a bag crocheted from scraps to mag a yarn bag (or any kind of bag really).

I found the pattern on a blog I stumbled across, and fell in love with! Here is the link to the pattern.

I figured I had some balls of brightly coloured Red Heart Super Saver yarn lying around the house for this rainbow blanket I once started, and as usual never I decided to give it a use in this nifty crochet bag.

Here is a starting photo after the first few rounds had been completed. My family "lovingly" named it the rainbow beanie.

This image was take after I had completed all the increase rows for the bottom and started the sides of the bag.

It "should" resemble something similar to this once it is completed.

*Image courtesy of Lucy of Attic24 from Ravelry


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